A solar eruption sends high-energy charged particles

A solar eruption sends high-energy charged particles


But these astronomers had explained this puff cut the orbit of the Earth, which fortunately had gone to this place nine days earlier. In other words, our planet could break through the "breath of the storm." http://enjoycoloring.com/ And the consequences had been disastrous. For several years, studies have been conducted on the impact of such events and an article in News Nasa has revived discussions on this subject, which is indeed noteworthy. Although the title of Paris Match , The Day the Earth nearly stopped , is a bit exaggerated, the risks of such events have become important in modern society and deserve parades are studied.


What are the risks? A violent solar flare occurs in a certain direction a transmission increased to ultraviolet and X-rays . the solar wind , of charged particles is further enhanced if there coronal mass ejection reaches the Earth and, usually, two or three days. Increased UV does nothing good for terrestrial animals, but the risk is low and our shield that is the magnetic field Earth protects us very effectively against the high-energy particles from the solar wind, even when he is stronger that 'usual. The effect is that of a "magnetic storm".


Humanity hardly keeps memories of this kind of phenomenon. At VIII e century, growth rings in Japanese cedar that were found traces of a flood of protons , assigned a time to a distant burst gamma but that might just be our own anger star . The famous Carrington event became more noticeable in 1859 by stunning auroras visible at very low latitudes and already by disturbances in networks telegraphed. However, several million Canadians remember the long power cut (about 9:00) they suffered in 1989.

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