An alternative to shale gas in France, firedamp

An alternative to shale gas in France, firedamp


In the French underground, shale gas, now banned exploitation, is not the only alternative to traditional hydrocarbon sources. Present in the former coalfields of Lorraine and Nord-Pas-de-Calais, coal gas is a promising lead for a few years. The dreaded fire-damp could become useful, time of energy transition.


The equivalent of a decade of national gas consumption, or 370 billion cubic meters: the amount of coal gas that would conceal the basement of Lorraine and Nord-Pas-de-Calais, according to confirmed by the French Institute estimates oil . More than what provided the deposit of natural gas from Lacq , permanently closed in November 2013, in fifty years of operation.


This gas "made in France", consisting of more than 90% methane, is now the subject of attention. It represents the last chance to produce gas in France since the fracking was banned there. What help - at the margin - to energy independence from France, which had to import almost all of its gas by 2013, and ensuring energy transition to a model incorporating more of renewable energy . An exploration permit has been granted by the State to the Australian company EGL (European Gas Limited) to determine the feasibility and conditions for possible exploitation.


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