Not operating for ten years

This is not the only innovation. A drilling technique directly from the oil industry (horizontal drilling) should also be used. "  From a vertical wells, hollow star horizontal drilling below the layers of coal  , " says Raymond Michels. Advantage of the technique to make best use of the resource and limit the number of wells on the surface, so the nuisances associated with the activity. In total, the company EGL, which has already dug five pits in Lorraine, estimated at thirty the number of production sites that work forward in the area for a start of operation envisaged in the next three years. No drilling has been done to date by EGL in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, where it is estimated the deposit to two years of national gas consumption.


Not operating for ten years


"We are still in the exploratory phase, nuance Yann Gunzburger, a researcher in the laboratory and coordinator of GazHouille ETE project, a multidisciplinary group of researchers (geologists, economists, lawyers, psychologists ...) to evaluate the risks and challenges of a exploitation of coal gas in Lorraine. must not prejudge the decision to be made ultimately by the government. In any event, the holding if it is allowed and feasible, should not begin until five to ten years. "


The first surveys of the population show curiosity in coal gas and somewhat reluctantly a priori, especially now that the preferred scenario would be for marketing in favor of Lorraine economy. "Instead injecting the gas into the national grid, where it would be sold at market price, it would market it at a lower cost to industry locally installed, " explains Yann Gunzburger. What attract new businesses to an area heavily affected by unemployment area, hoping the most optimistic.

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