Our technologies have become more fragile

Our technologies have become more fragile


Today, the effects would be significantly more serious because the power supply networks were densified and because many services are now dependent on satellites.

Effects in space on astronauts : if there were beyond the Van Allen belt, they should protect themselves at the risk of their lives. In the ISS , only 400 km altitude spacewalks would be prohibited and perhaps astronauts would they take refuge in a time capsule Soyuz . Evacuation would be possible.


Effects on satellites: UV and X-rays could affect performance and number of Earthlings would discover so all one has to space activities, telephony to GPS via television and weather forecasts.


Ground Effects: diving the charged particle poles would cause electrical currents in the ground and the electromagnetic waves captured by the electricity supply network which, acting as an antenna, the electric current transform. http://enjoycoloring.com/ Surges then appear in the Transformers , as was the case during the episode of 1989 Canada and the northern United States, close to the magnetic North Pole, are particularly vulnerable. Multiple systems operating radio could heave mode, since the signaling networks of carrying it to the monitoring of sensitive sites.


In the air : the disruption of radio communications and GPS signals have plenty to complicate sea and air transport.


So almost all economic sectors that would be affected one way or another. Various studies have been devoted to the impact of such events. NASA cited a report by the National Academy of Sciences (United States) announcing a bill of 2,000 billion. Some predict a return to the Middle Ages or in the Paleolithic, which is probably excessive, depending on the length of the event and its intensity. In 2011, an OECD report called for taking steps to provide some protection, starting with better monitor the Sun. The solar weather has become a reality. If forecasting storm, we will have two days to prepare small

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