primitive feathers were already observed

including famous theropods that are Caudipteryx and Microraptor , discovered in the northeast of China since the mid-1990s Certainly some kind of long and intriguing filaments that could make you think primitive feathers were already observed with the fossilized remains of ornithischian Psittacosaurus and Tianyulong but their interpretation is controversial.


Ornithischians being a branch of the dinosaurs separate from the one containing the ancestors of birds, which are cousins of saurischians theropods, it can be concluded that the majority of the dinosaurs must have had feathers and that this feature appeared very early in evolution. coloring pages for kids If one believes the famous paleontologist Pascal Godefroit , these feathers were probably used in small dinosaurs of insulating heat, implying that they were warm-blooded. They should not be necessary in larger dinosaurs whose thermal losses were limited due to their size, which would explain why it was not discovered earlier what now appears as a feature of the dinosaurs. By analogy with the birds, one can also think they also served to attract a sexual partner.

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