Solar storms: the 2012 event there will be a lesson?

Solar storms: the 2012 event there will be a lesson?


According to a (re) published by NASA on the exceptional solar eruption in July 2012, the question of the effects of such events on human activities is raised again. Scientists take the opportunity to remember the fragility of our technological societies to anger the Sun.


Last March, an international team published in Nature Communications retrospectively a disturbing article. July 23, 2012, the surface of the Sun underwent two coronal mass ejections, or CME ( Coronal Mass Ejection ) of exceptional magnitude, spaced 10 to 15 minutes. A flow of protons (positively charged particles) was blown into the space powerfully.


The phenomenon, often linked to a solar flare , is not uncommon but it is the intensity of the phenomenon that was that day. As we indicated in describing this "solar supertempête" , the researchers explained that she had been reinforced by the accumulation with an ejection of plasma occurred four days earlier. The event was observed through satellite solar observation Stereo A, Nasa . Two similar devices, A and B, run on the same orbit as Earth , one ahead (A as Ahead , forward) and one behind (B as behind ). With these observation posts, the Mission Stereo ( Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory ) provides simultaneous images of the sun in very different points of view. That day is Stereo Who was ringside and suffered the charge of protons 18.6 hours after leaving the Sun.

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