The James Webb telescope could detect ET polluters

The James Webb telescope could detect ET polluters


The idea had already been launched two years ago by a group of young exobiologistes but it has just been taken by senior astrophysicists. It should be possible to discover the existence of extraterrestrial technological civilization by detecting CFCs and other greenhouse gas emissions unnatural it would have used to terraform an exoplanet. printable coloring pages For this, it is sufficient to analyze the composition of its atmosphere with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) or its successor.


We already know that there are over 1,800 exoplanets in our galaxy and all indications are that we are only at the beginning of the exploration of these worlds in the Milky Way . As explained Xavier Delfosse, the recent questioning of the existence of the superterre potentially habitable Gliese 581 d does not affect previous estimates which indicated that there must be billions of these stars in the Galaxy. More than ever, the astrophysics leads us to consider the possibility not only that there is other life in the universe but also another technological civilization like ours.


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