The oldest feathered dinosaur world

The oldest feathered dinosaur world


For several years, discoveries in paleontology suggest that feathers are as old as the dinosaurs and their appearance dates back to the Triassic, here are over 220 million years. The hypothesis is strengthened by Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus , a fossil found in Siberia, who became the first feathered dinosaur herbivore known to date. What suggest that the plumage was a widespread feature in dinosaurs. Especially small.


Between 144 and 169 million years before present, depending dating established with the potassium-argon method, when the supercontinent Pangaea was divided into Laurasia and Gondwana , the current location of Kulinda in eastern Siberia along the river Olov was an environment lake lined with volcanoes . enjoy coloring This environment allowed the preservation of fossils dating from the excellent qualities Jurassic average to above. The site is explored since 2010 by a team of Russian scientists who were joined by their colleagues from the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences of Belgium, in July 2013.



In the four videos, paleontologist Pascal Godefroit evokes discovery Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus and its implications for the vision of feathered dinosaurs. © Naturalsciences , Youtube


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